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All Natural Vanilla Bean Sea Salt

All Natural Vanilla Bean Sea Salt

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Vanilla Bean Sea Salt is meticulously crafted by CelticEarthsalt® using our exclusive Fusion process. This process carefully blends genuine Bourbon vanilla beans with hand-harvested sea salt, creating a unique seasoning that excels in topping and finishing applications. The warm, familiar flavor of the rich vanilla beans beautifully complements the natural brininess of the sea salt, forming a delightful flavor pairing. Ideal for food service, bulk Vanilla Bean Sea Salt enhances not only creamy and fruity desserts but also melds wonderfully with spicy autumnal flavors like cinnamon, cloves, coffee, and rum, as well as citrusy summer dishes featuring banana and lemon. Perfect for manufacturers looking to add a special touch to chocolates, confections, and even nuts and snacks, wholesale Vanilla Bean Sea Salt is available for repackaging projects, commercial kitchens, food manufacturers, and more.

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