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All Natural Sriracha Sea Salt 89+ Minerals

All Natural Sriracha Sea Salt 89+ Minerals

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Sriracha Sea Salt by CelticEarthsalt® marries the heat of Sriracha chili sauce with the crispness of all-natural flake sea salt, creating an on-trend ingredient that's capturing attention in the gourmet industry. Through our proprietary Fusion process, we've blended the iconic red Sriracha sauce with pure sea salt to offer a new and exciting flavor profile. Ideal for bulk purchase by food manufacturers, processors, food service, and repackaging projects, the flake texture of this spicy salt is perfect for dissolving quickly and evenly in sauces and broths. It also excels in spice blends and rubs, as a finishing touch on dishes, or in enhancing snack mixes and other topical applications. Wholesale Sriracha Sea Salt is a compelling choice for retail repackaging, appealing to customers eager for this zesty ingredient. Completely natural with no artificial additives or anti-caking agents, this standout seasoning is essential for any brand or store looking to spice up their offerings.

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