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All Natural Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt 83+ Minerals

All Natural Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt 83+ Minerals

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Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt captivates with its vibrant, garden-fresh flavor and rich aroma. Using the proprietary Fusion process developed by CelticEarthsalt®, this essential variety brings the warmth and comfort of rosemary to your culinary creations in a new and exciting way. This all-natural, bulk salt blends perfectly with various wholesale applications, from food service and manufacturing to repackaging for retail shelves. It excels in seasoning blends and enhances the flavor profile of products, offering customers the delightful scent and taste of rosemary in salty snacks such as popcorn or nuts. In commercial kitchens, it can elevate comfort dishes, soups, and sauces, or add a unique twist to desserts like rosemary salted caramels or a rosemary sea salt lemon tart.

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