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All Natural Roasted Garlic Sea Salt 90+ Minerals

All Natural Roasted Garlic Sea Salt 90+ Minerals

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Roasted Garlic Sea Salt is not your typical garlic salt. By combining real roasted garlic with all-natural sea salt through an exclusive process developed by CelticEarthsalt®, we've created a seasoning that's richly aromatic and flavorful. This blend captures the deep, rich taste of roasted garlic, offering an enticing aroma and a flavor profile that stands unmatched. Completely natural, without any additives or artificial flavors, our Roasted Garlic Sea Salt maintains perfect texture, moisture, and balance, making it versatile for a range of uses—from finishing and topping dishes to cooking, dry brining, and even in rubs and marinades. Available wholesale in bulk, it's ideal for food service, manufacturers, and repackaging projects. Whether it's elevating the taste of a pretzel or enhancing a commercial kitchen's offerings, this salt is an essential savory addition.

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