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All Natural Lime Sea Salt 89+ Minerals

All Natural Lime Sea Salt 89+ Minerals

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Salt and Lime | Lime Fresco Sea Salt captures the zesty essence of tart limes, blending them with pure, clean, natural sea salt. This citrusy combination is a favorite in Thai, Mexican, and Southwestern cuisines, where its tangy flavor enhances a variety of gourmet dishes. Developed by CelticEarthsalt® using our proprietary, all-natural Fusion process, Lime Fresco features a light, flaky texture that is perfect for topical applications on snack foods and confections. A simple sprinkle can add a refreshing zest to dishes ranging from mahi mahi to margaritas. Ideal for food manufacturers looking to incorporate a refreshing citrus twist into their products, or restaurateurs seeking to enrich their offerings, Lime Fresco is available for wholesale bulk purchase for manufacturing, repackaging, food service, and more.

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