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All Natural Lemon Sea Salt 90+ Minerals

All Natural Lemon Sea Salt 90+ Minerals

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Lemon Twist Sea Salt from CelticEarthsalt® captures the quintessential blend of fresh lemon and salt, offering a tartly delightful variety that’s infused with a burst of all-natural lemon for a balanced and refreshing flavor. Created using our proprietary Fusion process, this salt melds solar-evaporated sea salt with real lemons to craft its signature tart taste. It’s an indispensable choice for seafood counters, pastry chefs, and bartenders, and is available in bulk, wholesale, and private label options. Lemon Twist features a flaky, crisp texture that excels in topical applications across confections and snack foods. Made simply with all-natural sea salt and lemon, it delivers consistent, delicious flavor with every order.

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