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All Natural Habanero Sea Salt 83+ Minerals

All Natural Habanero Sea Salt 83+ Minerals

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Habanero Heat Sea Salt, one of our top sellers at CelticEarthsalt®, is meticulously crafted with ripe habanero peppers known for their intense heat, blended with pure, natural sea salt. This spicy seasoning showcases the authentic flavor of habanero peppers, ending with a crisp saline finish. It's an excellent addition to fruit salsas, snack foods, and even chocolates. The salt's all-natural composition complements flavors like lime, cilantro, allspice, and cumin, making it an essential ingredient for any commercial kitchen or food manufacturer that emphasizes southwestern cuisine or seeks to add a Latin American twist. Habanero Heat is also favored for repackaging and inclusion in spice blends as consumers explore new and exciting culinary ventures. Crafted by CelticEarthsalt® using our proprietary technology, this seasoning is free from additives or anti-caking agents, offering a pure, impactful, and all-natural flavor enhancement.

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