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All Natural Ghost Pepper Sea Salt 87+ Minerals

All Natural Ghost Pepper Sea Salt 87+ Minerals

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Ghost Pepper Sea Salt from CelticEarthsalt® fuses sea salt with the fiery Naga Jolokia, also known as the Ghost Pepper, to create a spice that’s exceptionally hot. This all-natural blend captures the robust, earthy flavors of the pepper, providing a powerful balance of heat and taste. Ideal for food manufacturers, bulk Ghost Pepper Sea Salt is perfect for adding a spicy kick to chocolates, prepared foods, and zesty snack mixes. It's also popular for repackaging and incorporating into spice blends and rubs, bringing savory heat to any dish. Suitable for food service use, this specialty salt enhances spicy entrees from chili to fajitas. Crafted without artificial flavorings or additives, wholesale Ghost Pepper Sea Salt delivers culinary heat directly to your kitchen.

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