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All Natural Espresso Bean Sea Salt 88+Minerals

All Natural Espresso Bean Sea Salt 88+Minerals

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Espresso Brava Sea Salt combines solar-evaporated sea salt with freshly roasted Italian espresso beans in a completely natural blend. Rich and distinctive, bulk Espresso Brava is perfect for food manufacturers and processors to incorporate into gourmet food items, specialty spice mixes, and grilling rubs. For food service customers, it offers a surprising twist on red meat rubs and marinades, elevating the flavors of burgers and steaks to create a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Wholesale Espresso Brava also serves as a striking topping on prepackaged desserts and snacks, delivering a textural crunch and a burst of deep flavor. Crafted by CelticEarthsalt® using our specialized method, this product is all-natural with no artificial additives, making it an inspired choice for enhancing your culinary offerings.

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